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FOCUSED The traditional EMS Model’s primary mission is to provide emergency service to the community.  Although emergency response and transportation is critical, this prioritization degrades these agencies’ ability to invest, develop and ultimately provide comprehensive non-emergency transportation services.  At IMT, each investment in time and capital is tested against the organization’s mission of redefining non-emergent medical transportation and Transportation Logistics Management. This unique focus has allowed IMT to pioneer new services and technology that improves the patient experience while providing significant efficiencies to our Hospital Partners.

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Partners Through Innovation and Information

IMT improves discharge plan compliance for our hospital partners by integrating with the hospital’s EMR to analyze daily scheduled discharge data.

This partnered approach aligns our Hospital Partner’s transportation requirements with IMT resources to meet their clinical and financial goals.

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Creative Solutions

Below are just a few of the first to market services provided:

  • Proprietary pre-trip assessments include a Mode of Transportation Assessment to ensure each patient is transported at the lowest appropriate level.
  • IMT’s non-medical stretcher service provides a valuable option for patients in the supine position who do not meet medical necessity requirements for ambulance transport.
  • IMT is a content expert in non-emergent medical transportation reimbursement ensuring all opportunity for third party reimbursement is accessed in accordance with insurance guidelines.
  • IMT’s portal technology allows for visibility of scheduled trips, decentralized scheduling, text message alerts and real time GPS tracking.
  • Our customized monthly reporting is an essential tool required for improved results by all stakeholders.
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Special Results

  • Documented on-time percentage is 98.8%.
  • Documented Trip Request Acceptance with 24 hour notice is 100% and 98.4% with requests less than 24 hours.
  • Timely transportation drastically improves Hospital Bed Utilization Rate.
  • Unique processes and services result in a 15% – 30% savings for our Hospital Partners vs any previous transport provider.

Services for Hospitals & Health Systems

Inter Facility Transfers
Fixed Route Campus Transportation
Dynamic Route Transportation
Quick Response NEMT
Long Distance Transportation

Transportation Logistics Management
Psychiatric Transports
Event Coverage
COVID-19 Transportation

For further inquiry contact Dan Derr
P: 717-590-8179 ext. 422 | Email: dderr@integratedmedicaltransport.com

Transport Types for Hospitals & Health Systems

Non-Medical Wheelchair
Non-Medical Stretcher
Multi-Passenger Van

Multi-Passenger Bus
Basic Life Support Ambulance
Advanced Life Support Ambulance

For further inquiry contact Dan Derr
P: 717-590-8179 ext. 422 | Email: dderr@integratedmedicaltransport.com

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